novi-air-duct-cleaningDo you believe in exorcism? I remember when I was in my senior year, I had this terrible experience during our retreat. Before our school year ended, every senior needed to join a spiritual retreat. It was mandatory because it was one of the school’s requirements for graduation. My friends and I were so excited because the spiritual retreat would be held in a nearby county. I was so amazed at the nature that we passed by on our way to the retreat area. When my foot stepped on the lodge that we are assigned to stay for 3 days, I felt really uncomfortable. Let me tell you this, I don’t know if you’re one of the believers of having a 3rd eye, but I felt something terrifying and uncomfortable. Back to my story, even though I felt uncomfortable, I just ignored it. Since we arrived late night, we were advised to take a rest and the activities would start the next day. The next day was so exciting. I love adventures and games because I learn something from it and I love learning. Our last activity was to express our fears. We were seated around the bonfire and then suddenly, I felt again that uncomfortable and goose bumps feeling. I just knew the spirits were with us listening to our every word and watching our every action. While Jenny, my friend, is expressing her fears, someone screamed. All students started to panic and everyone was scared. Thanks God our instructors were alert and they were able to control the students. We were accompanied by a Priest for other spiritual activities. The Reverend  (who oddly enough was a part time novi air duct cleaner) said that the student who just screamed and rolled her eyes is being possessed by an evil spirit. The student was then held by her arms and feet by the group. She was so strong that she needed 10 people to control her violent actions. She spoke a different and unfamiliar language. The priest told us she was speaking in Latin. Reverend Father performs the exorcism on her. Everything I saw was really terrifying. The exorcism lasted for about an hour. After the student was dispossessed by the evil spirit, we were asked to immediately go to our assigned lodge and fix our things. About an hour, we travelled back to our school because we couldn’t afford to be possessed again by another spirit. This supposedly spiritual retreat turned out to be an exorcism retreat. It was a terrifying and unforgettable experience among all the students who witnessed what happened.

There are alGhostsot of ghost stories in the world today. I think whether you are living in the past or in today’s era, if a spirit wants to get a hold of you, it will. Here’s my story about my experience in our school library while I was conducting research for my thesis paper. My last class is from 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon until 5:30 in the afternoon. I decided to go to the library to find a book that I can use for my thesis paper.  At first I didn’t notice but something seemed strange. Our school library is pretty big so it took me a few minutes to find the perfect book that I need for my research. While searching for that perfect book, I felt like there was someone looking at me. I looked at both sides of me, but there was nothing. I kept on browsing the books when suddenly a reflection caught my attention. When nothing moved or made any noise, I faced that reflection and Oh My Gosh! A lady with a long black dress and long hair covering her face is facing me. I was instantly in a state of shock, but my sense of urgency pushed me to move so I rushed back to my table to get away from her. I tried to keep myself busy but my thoughts weren’t cooperating. I can see and feel the goose bumps on my arms. Why does it seem that out of all the students and librarians in the library, I’m the only one who sees the that frightful lady in black. I tried hard to keep my attention to my research materials and after a few minutes she was gone. I quickly left the library.  See ya!

Abandoned TouristHave you ever been to a dark, grassy, and abandoned place? I’m telling you, if your imagination is too wide open for everything, it’s horrible. Last year, together with my friends, we joined in on a excursion. First things first, do you know what excursion means? Excursion is a short journey or outing made for pleasure. I joined this excursion to overcome my boredom and to explore new things. We have been to different places in the past, particularly in some weird tourist destinations.  I thought to myself, am I really right with my decision to join this excursion? Well, soon your going to find out.

Our meeting place is right between a place called Novi Carpet Cleaning and McD’s. The time of our meeting is 4:00 o’clock in the morning. We started this early because our destination is a few hours away and we need to get back before moon rise. The experience was awesome! I’m so appreciative, especially with the nature because I’m a nature lover.

We drop by to a popular city to take our lunch and buy some souvenirs. After an hour, we traveled to our last stop. And guess what? Our last stop is a famous abandoned hotel. According to the tourist guide, it was intended to be built for a Spaniards head office.  It turned out to be their hideout when the Japanese started to invade the area. Apparently, many Spaniards died inside. As time passed by, that head office was turned into a local hospital. People in the area could not afford to go to the hospital so they preferred a local healer. The hospital ended up closing. It was again abandoned for a long time. In the year 1921, an American became interested with the abandoned place. He redesigned the building and turned it into a huge and magnificent hotel. It was a successful hotel until World War II happened, destroying this building. Many people died. Today, it’s no longer a pretty hotel, but again, an abandoned building. We were luckily able to get inside. There are rumors that you can feel the insinuation of the restive soul who died in the place. Rumors might be right. I am not comfortable in this dark, grassy, and abandoned building. It feels like there’s someone following us, but when I turn around, there’s no one. I can feel the darkness because the sun is starting to go down. After that point, I didn’t notice anything strange but the feeling that there is something strange and something scary following me keeps running through my mind. I can feel the goose bumps from my head to my toes.

I’m sure you’ve had that feeling before….yikes.   Thanks God after an hour we left that abandoned place to go home. The feeling was really unexplainable. I just hope the wild souls will find peace and soon rest in peace.

ghosts2Have you ever tried driving and passed by a dark and strange place? Here’s a good story for you. I went to a funeral driving alone. It was night time and that was the first time I reached that place. Its totally far from an urban living. No electricity at all.  All you can see are huge,creepy trees and tall grasses. Moon is their only source of lighting aside from candle light or lamp that keeps every houses visible from darkness. I’m wondering if there is no power because technology can’t extend yet to the locality and distance of houses are certainly far from each other. I stayed for a few hours to send my deepest sympathy and condolences for the family. I decided to go back home despite the late night hour. Since I am not familiar to the road I am traveling, I keep on driving but then I realized, it seems like I am driving in a never ending road. So what I did is I tried to remember a landmark and if it happens that I passed by that landmark again, then I’ll freak out. After a few minutes of driving,I saw again the landmark that I tried to remember. Suddenly, I felt goose bumps in my arms. It was so scary to the fact that I am driving alone. Can you imagine that scene? I really don’t know what to do. I’m so scared and my mind is totally wandering! I was about to cry when I saw my holy rosary hanged in the mirror. All I could do at that moment is to pray deeply. Like what Myra sing to her song, “Miracles happen once in a while, when you believe.” I tried to calm down and drive safely despite what I discovered.  With the help of sincere thoughts and deep praying about getting  back home safely, Lord God Almighty heard my prayers. After long hours of driving, I finally reached home. Tired but at least, I’m safe. See the power of prayers?

More GhostsYikes….I have a good friend that cleans carpet that is just as intrigued as me when it comes to this stuff.  About a month ago, he told me he was researching weird paranormal things online when he came upon a story of Stevens Hall.  Apparently, in May of 1971, there were some custodians that were cleaning the many rooms here.  Inside the main door, they noticed a pretty big piece of carpet missing.  Like anyone else, no one would figure this was paranormal related.  One would cough it up to something like people screwing around thinking it was a good idea to take something from a place as a joke.

As they got closer to the place where the carpet was missing, they noticed blood all over the far corner of the room.  This freaked them out (I would be too!).  In fact, I would have jetted, leaving a trail of dust behind me.  LOL!  The cleaning crew ended up calling the police.

This blood was tested and ended up being connected to a girl that had been missing for years.  This girl went on a summer vacation and never returned.  Eventually, this girl was found three months later.  She was wrapped in carpet on the side of the highway!

Was this vandalism?  Was this a ghost?  I dunno…….this just sends shivers down my spine.  Just too clear things up, I researched this a little bit.  I found a nice article on this on  Apparently, this hall has been known to have strange noises and other activity coming from it such as doors opening/closing.  To this day, no murderer can be found……just the notion that Stevens Hall has a weird feeling about it.

I promised my buddy I would give a shout out since he turned me onto this story.  Feel free to ask him about this by contacting him.  LOL!  Tell him your from Stevens Hall and want to get your floors and carpets cleaned by a Novi Carpet Cleaner.  :)

As always, please let me know if you’ve either heard of this or have been to Stevens Hall by sending me an email.

MAAHA was created to go through some of the wild crazy stories/events that I see whether it be online or through the good ‘ol television.  MAAHA stands for Mid Atlantic Asylum of Haunted Attractions.  I have always had a curiosity of the paranormal.  Well, I can’t say always.  The big push for me came about 20 years ago while I was sitting in the living room with my wife.  We looked across the room and seen a little girl just standing there looking at us.  At first, I thought I was seeing things, then my wife (at the time) asked me if I could see a little girl looking at us.

From that point forward, I was intrigued with paranormal.  It seems you either get people that truly believe or they don’t.  Part of what I want to do with this blog is go over some experiences I have or maybe some of you can share.  I might start with some things I come across online or like I stated before, something I run across on television.  I find myself glued to the television watching such shows as Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, or maybe the new show I found called Ghost Brothers.  I surely will be talking about some of these!

I’m hoping to start posting a few times a week based on my schedule.  If you have anything you’d like to share, feel free to comment or email me.


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